Employees: How do I set Employee permissions?

Setting an Employee's permissions can be done in 2 ways:

1. When adding a New Employee

See How do I add a new Employee?

Scroll down to the Permissions section and using the slide buttons, nominate your Employee's permissions':

Changes made here take effect immediately and can be edited at any time

Tap Save once you have made your selections

2. By Editing the Details of an Existing Employee

Tap Manage  >  Employees and locate the relevant Employee from your list

Tap on the Employee name

To view existing Permissions only, tap the PERMISSIONS tab:

To edit permissions, tap EDIT in the top right-hand corner of your screen

Scroll down to the Permissions section and make necessary changes using the slide buttons

Tap Save once you have made your changes




Allow Roster

The Employee can edit their own roster

Allow Team RosterThe Employee can view and edit all Employee’s rosters
Allow Team SchedulingThe Employee can create, view and edit appointments for all Employee’s, as long as their Allow Modify Schedule permission is enabled
Allow Modify ScheduleThe Employee can create, view and modify their own appointments
Allow Team ReportingThe Employee can view all reports
Allow Team Sales   The Employee can create, view and edit all Employee’s sales.
Allow Full CustumersThe employee can view the Customer list

Customer Access

Select All for complete access to all Customers

Select With Previous Reservations to limit access to Customers who have had previous bookings with them

Customer DetailThis setting specifies what this Employee can do with the customer profile:
None (cannot open Customer file);
View [read only] (can only view the customer file;
Edit [read-write] (can view and edit the customer file)

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