Integration: How do I create Calendar Feeds for my Ovatu account?

To create Calendar Feeds for your Ovatu account, choose Integration > Settings

Enter the name of the Calendar Feed in the Name field

Click Save

Once you have your new feed, copy the URL 

Some ways in which these feeds can be used are outlined below

It is possible to create multiple feeds

Calendar Feeds are often handed to third party companies, which is why we give you the ability to revoke access by deleting the feed

To delete a Calendar Feed, click the Delete button next to the feed 

Some additional Information about using Calendar Feeds with Google Calendar, OS X Calendar / Outlook / iPhone:

Mac OS X: iCal / Calendar

  1. Open iCal / Calendar
  2. Under the Calendar menu, you have a Subscribe option.
  3. Enter the copied URL here and then give the calendar a name.

(Please also set the auto-refresh to something like every 5 or 15 minutes to keep it up to date)

iPhone / iPad

  1. Navigate to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account
  2. Select Other > Add Subscribed Calendar
  3. Paste the copied URL into Server field then tap Next
  4. Touch Save

Google Calendar

Please use these instructions from Google to add our feed to your calendar:

Please note: Calendar Feeds are ONE WAY - they provide data from Ovatu, to a third party, but do not receive data from a third party, to Ovatu

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