Passes: How do I view/edit my Customers' Passes?

Customer Passes can be viewed/edited from two places:

  1. Passes Section
  2. Customer File


To view/edit existing Customer Passes, choose Manage > Passes > Customer Passes

A list of all of the Passes assigned to Customers within your account will be displayed

Expired Passes will appear at the bottom of the list with an Expired tag

Click the edit icon to view/edit 


To view a Customers' passes, choose Customers > List

Click on the Customers’ name to open their file

Click on the list icon in the Passes section to view all paid and unpaid Passes assigned to this Customer

You can use the delete icon to delete the Customer Pass 

Click the edit icon to view/edit  


Once you have clicked the edit icon  you are able to view/edit the following fields:

InfoView remaining uses and expiry date
CreatedView date created
StatusView paid/unpaid status
CustomerView or change the Customer that the Pass belongs to (either by selecting from existing Customers, or creating a new Customer)
Uses RemainingEdit remaining uses
Expiry Date StringEdit expiry date
ReservationsView Reservations which have taken uses from this Pass

You can also:

  • View the History of this Pass
  • View the Sale in which this Pass was sold
  • Save your changes

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