Reservations: How do I use the Waitlist?

The Waitlist, is a list of Customers who wish to make a Reservation, when there is no current availability.

Customers can either add themselves to the Waitlist via online booking or,

You can add Customers to the Waitlist via the internal Reservation process [How do I add Customers to the Waitlist?]

If you have Customers on the Waitlist, a Waitlist button will appear on your Bookings screen

The Waitlist will also appear on your Dashboard, underneath Today's Roster

Click the Waitlist button to open the Waitlist 

The Waiting List screen will appear:

To delete a Customer off the Waitlist, click the [x] 

To change the order of the Waitlist, use the Re-order, button to drag and drop 

If there is no availability for the Customers' required time, the Status will appear as Waiting 

If there is availability for the Customers' required time, the Status will appear as Available 

When there is availability, you can click the Availability icon against the relevant entry, to view the Availability list 

Click Select against the required time slot

Then click Confirm to confirm the Reservation

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