Reports: Employee Time Report Explained

The Employee Time Report contains data on Employees' working hours and Services performed during those hours.

This report can be accessed by choosing Reports > Employee Time.

The Employee Time Report can be filtered by a pre-set or custom time period, as well as by employee:

The figure of the top of the report shows data for the reporting period:

  • The total amount of Services performed by Employees
  • The total amount of hours the Employees were providing Services

Use the Previous and Next buttons or the Calendar icon to jump to a required date.

Each Employee section shows a breakdown of that Employees' working hours and Services performed during those hours.

Total Time column for each employee;

  • Reservations = the total amount of time the employee has been assigned to provide services. This time only includes active bookings. Cancelled and deleted bookings are not included in that figure.
  • Rostered days = the amount of time the employee is rostered on, less any rostered breaks
  • Rostered breaks = the total amount of time of all the rostered breaks for the employee

The data in each section can be exported to a CSV file by clicking the Export to CSV button at the top right 

To print the Employee Time report, click Print.

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