Reports: Payments Report Explained

The Payments Report contains all data relating to Sale payment transactions for a specified time period

This report can be accessed by choosing Reports > Payments

Please note: The Payments report is primarily used to reconcile payment terminals and bank / PayPal accounts. It reports Payment transactions at the exact time that they were taken and, for this reason, can differ from the Sales report (which reports Payments at the date / time of the Sale).

The Payments Report can be filtered by a pre-set or custom time period, as well as by employee:

The top of the report displays the total of all payments within the reporting period

The Graph section shows Payment totals within the reporting period, plotted on a graph

The figures listed are:

  1. Total Payments: The total of all payments.
  2. Total Payments (Credits): The total of payments made using Gift Cards, Customer Credit and Loyalty Points

The section below shows a breakdown of payment totals by type

The data can be exported to a CSV file by clicking the Export to CSV button at the top right 

Hovering over the pie graph reveals the statistics per payment type:

The Transactions section shows a list of all payment transactions within the reporting period

To print the Payments Report, click Print on the right-hand side of the screen

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