Resources: Example Resource Setup

This is an example of how to set up Resources and Resource types for the following scenario:


Funki Spa offers the following Services:

  • Massage
  • Couple Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage


For these 3 Services, Funki Spa has the following available Resources:

  • 2 Hot stone heaters
  • 2 Regular massage rooms
  • 1 Couple massage room


Funki Spa allocates their Resources in the following way:

Massage: requires one of any of the 3 rooms

Hot Stone Massage: Requires any of the available rooms AND a hot stone heater

Couple Massage: Can only be performed in the couples massage room


Funki Spa would need to create the following items:

ServicesResource TypesResources
MassageRegular RoomRoom 1
Room 2
Couples MassageCouples RoomRoom 3
Heater 1
Hot Stone MassageStone HeaterHeater 2

Step 1: Add the Services

Step 2: Add the Resource Types

Step 3: Add the Resources, and tag them as the appropriate Resource Types

Step 4: Link the Services with the Resource Types

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