Resources: How do I tag an Employee as a Resource Type?

An employee can be used as a Resource, just like any Resource that you create (How do I add a new Resource?)

Therefore, to allow flexibility, an Employee can also be also tagged as a Resource type, in the same way a Resource can (How do I add a new Resource Type?)

To tag an Employee as a Resource Type, from the Manage screen tap Resource Types, then tap on the relevant Resource Type (or create a new Resource Type)

Use the Enable Buttons in the Employees section to de-select/re-select which Employee you would like to tag with this Resource Type

Tap Done

An example of this would be a scenario of where a second employee is required for a service:

  1. Create a Resource Type called 'Assistant'
  2. Tag all employees that are available as an assistant with the Resource Type 'Assistant'
  3. Add the 'Assistant' Resource Type to any Service that requires an assistant to be assigned

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