Sales: How do I add a Discount to a Sale?

To add a Discount to a Sale, either create a new Sale or edit a Sale

Discounts can also be added to Sales in the Checkout screen, see How do I checkout a Reservation?

From the Sale screen tap the green + icon > Add Discount

Complete the following fields

Title Enter the name of the Discount
Amount Enter a price to set a fixed monetary discount Tap to change this figure to a percentage of the total Sale Tap  to revert back
Recent Any recently created/used Discounts will be listed here Tap on a recently used Discount to use it again. Discounts in this section will simply disappear in time if they are not used


The new Discount will appear in the Discounts section of the Sale

Proceed with adding any required items and payments to the Sale (see How do I add a Payment to a Sale?)

Then close the Sale

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