Sales: How do I add a new Tax?

To add a new Tax, choose Manage > Taxes

Click Add Tax

Complete the following fields:




Enter the name of the Tax


Enter the amount as a percentage i.e. for 7.5%, enter 7.5

Include In Display Price

Select this checkbox to specify if the Tax is included within the final item price

Deselect this checkbox to specify that the Tax must be added on top of the the item price

Include By Default

Select this checkbox to include this Tax by default in each new Service/Product/Pass

This means the Tax does not manually need to be added into each item as it is created.

Click Save

Once the new Tax is saved, an option will appear to Bulk set products / services. Click on this to apply the Tax to existing Products or Services:

Click on the available options to enable/disable this tax for current Service, Products or Passes:

Click Save

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