Sales: How do I add a Product to a Sale?

To add a Product to a Sale, either create a New Sale (see How do I create a new Sale?) or edit an existing Sale (see How do I edit a Sale?)

Products can also be added to Sales in the Check out Screen, see How do I checkout a Reservation?

From the Sale screen tap the + Icon > Add Product

Add or remove Products by tapping on the - / + boxes next to the relevant Product, then tap on ADD


Select from the PRODUCTS scrolling shortcut buttons

The added products will appear in the Sale, in the Products section

To Edit or Delete a Product, long-tap directly on the Product in the Products section of the Sale

Tap Delete > YES, DELETE to remove the Product from the Sale

Tap Edit to modify the following:

  • price of the Product
  • quantity of Products
  • the Employee you would like to assign the Product Sale to
  • Enable or disable any taxes (see How do I add a Tax?)
  • Switch off / on the Loyalty Program for the sale of this Product (see Loyalty Program)

Make edits and tap SAVE

PLEASE NOTE: Products will need to have been added to the system first, see How do I add a new Product?

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