Sales: How do I checkout a Reservation?

To Checkout a Reservation, locate the reservation on the Bookings screen and tap directly on to it

Scroll down to the Sale section and tap Create Sale

Choose the time to be recorded on the Sale from either:

  • Now (the current time), OR
  • Reservation Time (the time of the Reservation) RECOMMENDED

Tap the + Icon to or use the Short Cut buttons to:

  1. Add a Reservation 
  2. Add a Service
  3. Add a Product
  4. Add a Charge
  5. Add a Discount
  6. Add a Payment
  7. Request a Payment (only available if Online Booking has been enabled and you have connected your Ovatu account to Stripe and/or PayPal accounts)

When you have completed the Sale, the system will ask Are you ready to save and close this sale?


From the Close Sale box select or de-select the following (these boxes are ticked by default):

  • Send Email (a receipt of Sale will be emailed to your Customer)
  • Finished (close page)?


When full payment has been added to a Sale, a green Paid tag will be displayed in the Reservation Tile on your Booking Screen:

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