Inventory Control: How do I create a Purchase Order?

Purchase Orders can be used to keep your inventory level updated when you order stock from your supplier. 

Create a purchase order manually or based on your Inventory Settings (How do I adjust/view the inventory settings for a Product?), send it off to your Supplier, and upon receipt of your order (How do I receive a Purchase Order?), update your stock level accordingly.

To create a Purchase Order, choose Manage > Products > Purchase Orders

Please note: in order to create a Purchase Order, you need to have adjusted the inventory settings for each Product

To create a new Purchase Order, click +New Purchase Order

Select a Supplier from the drop down menu

Select and Employee from the drop down menu

Select either

  • Auto Order, or
  • New



Click Auto Order

A Purchase Order will automatically be generated based on your inventory settings



Click New

A blank Purchase Order will be generated

To add a Product to your Purchase Order click +Add Product 

Enter the Quantity of each Product to be added to the Purchase order


Select Auto which will pre-fill the quantity of the Product based on your inventory settings

Click +Add 


You can edit the detail of the Purchase Order by clicking Edit Details 

Click Save

To edit the Product details within the purchase order, click the edit icon against the required Product 

To delete a Product from the Purchase Order click the delete icon 

Once your Purchase Order is complete, click Save 

Click Save and Complete Order. This Purchase Order is now ready to send to your Supplier

To print your Purchase Order, see How do I print a Purchase Order?

Once you have received your order from your supplier, you can receive your Purchase Order

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