Online Booking: What is my mini-site?

Your mini-site is a website that Ovatu includes in all plans. It's customisable to suit your business and provides the ability for your customers to:

  • View your business contact information, hours, photo gallery, social media links and read reviews left by other customers
  • Create Reservations (and pay for them)
  • Move and cancel their Reservations (according to your settings)
  • View their past and upcoming Reservations
  • View all their Sales
  • Purchase Gift Cards
  • Purchase Passes
  • Leave reviews
  • View their credit balance
  • View their Loyalty Points balance
  • Set their marketing preferences
  • Update their details
  • Plus more

Click here to view an example mini-site

The look and functionality of your mini-site is determined by how you customise it and your Online Booking settings

To enable your mini-site choose Online Booking >

From here you can:

  • Setup your mini-site
  • Customise its theme, colours, images and other settings
  • Setup the Booking Bot on your website
  • Setup the widgets on your website

Please see How do I enable the Mini-Site and Booking Bot? for all the steps to set this up

To customise up your Online Booking functionality, complete the following steps:

  1. Setup your mini site and booking bot
  2. Setup your Online Booking Tabs
  3. Setup your Online Booking business information
  4. Customise your Online Booking settings
  5. Ensure your Employees and Services are set to 'Allow Internet' (they're enabled by default)

Please note, Online Booking needs to be enabled in order for your mini-site to be available. See How do I Customise my Online Booking tabs?

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