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Forms that save tonnes of time

Create a smoother, faster experience for both you and your customers with automated forms.

Automated forms for better customer management

Consultations, medical history, treatment records, patch test records, treatment disclaimers/waivers, SOAP notes and more.. We've got you covered!

Form Builder

Create dynamic, highly customisable forms for your clients to gather specific information with our Drag & Drop form builder; from consultations, medical history, treatment records, patch test records, to treatment disclaimers/waivers.

Online & In-Store

Whether it's done online before the appointment, or in-store, Ovatu's forms make capturing data simple and consistent.

A customer form being filled in

Scheduling & Automation

Get all relevant information before your appointment even begins by automating a scheduled form to be sent out to customers at specific time periods before or after their appointment. With all information immediately accessible in their customer file.

Scheduling a fomr to automatically send before an appointment

Annotated Images

Get more accurate information from customers by providing interactive diagrams that customers can digitally mark up and draw on to better describe what they need.

Drawing in a from annotation field

Compliance Ready

Ovatu's forms can be set up to comply with any and all compliance and regulatory frameworks you require.

Collecting customer signatures and declaration in a form


Set up consent parameters for your services so you can keep on top of what customer do and don't want to receive.

Collect privacy consent when collecting customer data


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