Account Settings: What is the difference between Location login and Employee Login?

There are 2 ways to log in to your Ovatu Account:

1. Location login

The Location ID provides full access to all the data in the account and all administrative functions

2. Employee login

The Employee login provides limited account access, according to the Permissions settings for that employee

See How do I set Employee permissions?

See Where do I find an Employee’s login details?


On your Ovatu app tap Account: Login

Ensure the Location tab is selected and enter your Location ID and Password. Then tap Login.

To recover your Location ID and/or reset your password see How do I recover my Location ID and password?

Your Location ID will show on the Manage Page


On your Ovatu app tap Account: Login

Ensure the Employee tab is selected and enter your Employee ID and Password. Then tap Login.

If you're unable to login please see I/my Employee can't login. What do I do?

Your Employee ID will show on the Manage Page

The login used to create and edit Reservations and Sales is noted in the Reservation/Sale history. To view the history, open the Reservation or Sale and click on the History button. See How do I view the History of a Reservation?

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