Loyalty Program: How do I set up the Loyalty Program?

To set up the Loyalty Program, choose Manage > Loyalty Program

Complete the following fields:

Loyalty EnabledSelect this checkbox to activate your Loyalty Program
Loyalty Include TaxSelect this checkbox to earn points on tax paid
ie for $10 plus 10% GST = $11:
Select the checkbox to earn points on $11
Deselect the checkbox to each points on $10
Loyalty Points Buy Money UnitEnter how many Loyalty Points equals 1 money unit 
eg 10 points required to buy $1
Loyalty Points Earn Money UnitEnter how many Loyalty Points are earned for each 1 money unit spent
eg 1 point earned for each $1 spent

To apply the Loyalty Program to your Products, Services and Employees in bulk, click Bulk set products / services / employees 

Click on the options to enable / disable the Loyalty Program for you Services, Products and Employees, in bulk

For instructions on how to exclude / include specific Services, Products or Employees, see How do I exclude/include specific products, services or employees in the Loyalty Program?

Click Save 

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