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How do I sell a Gift Card? (Gift Card view)

A Gift Card can be sold from the Gift Cards section or from the Sales section (see How do I sell a Gift Card? (Sale view))

To sell a Gift Card from the Gift Cards section, from the Manage screen, tap Gift Cards (located in the POINT OF SALE section)

Select from the list of existing Gift Cards OR tap the '+' icon to add a Gift Card and complete the following: 

NumberThe system will allocate a unique number to this Gift Card
CustomerSelect the Gift Card recipient from either the Customer List (if an existing customer) or add new Customer details
CustomEnter your own number for the Gift Card to override the system generated number.  Use this option if you have hard-copy Gift Cards and wish to match the number up
BalanceEnter the Gift Card balance
Expiry DateEnter an expiry date for the Gift Card
(Automatically pre-selected by the system as 1 year from point of creation)

Tap Save

Then tap Create Sale 

Add the payee either by searching for an existing Customer or by adding New Customer Details 

The Sale will contain the Gift Card, within the Products section:

Proceed with adding any required items and payments to the Sale (see How do I add a Payment to a Sale?)

Then close the Sale