by Ula Hole Friday, May 8, 2020

Cancellation reasons...you can now collect information on why customers cancel!

It's always frustrating to see that notification appear saying a customer has cancelled. It can often leave us wondering why...so now, you can collect information on why a reservation has been cancelled!

Understanding why customers are cancelling allows you to make informed decisions to minimise future cancellations.

What is it?

Cancellation Reasons allow you to collect customised information when cancelling Reservations. They can appear as options when a Reservation is cancelled internally by a team member, and online by a Customer.

What will the customer see?

Whenever a customer cancels a reservation, they will be asked to provide a reason for their cancellation. It is a simple drop-down and text box, which is included in your alerts and reporting.

How do I set it up?

We've created a comprehensive Help Guide on how to set it up and get it live. You can do it HERE!