Employees: How to revoke an Employee's access?

Revoking Employee access to your account means that your Employee will be immediately locked out of the account

If the Employee is logged in with their own employee number and password, you can Delete the Employee


Tap Manage > Employees 

Tap directly on the name of the relevant Employee > DELETE 

Once you tap to delete, a window will appear asking you to choose if you would like to 'Retain old appointments?

Checking this box means all old appointments with this employee will remain in the diary.

If you choose to leave it un-checked, all old appointments will be removed from the diary. (PLEASE NOTE: these appointments are not deleted fully and will still appear against the customer file).

When an Employee is deleted, all future appointments are removed from the Bookings page but are still retained against the customer file.

Choose Yes, Delete 

If the Employee is logged in with the account's main Location ID and password, the only way to revoke access immediately is to change your account password, see How do I change my account Password? 

Changing your account password can only be done via the web app

When changing your password to revoke employee access, ensure you select the Revoke Sessions option to lock out all of your previous authorisations

You will then have to re-login to all of your new devices with your new password

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