Hardware: How do I connect my PayPal Here card reader?

The PayPal Here card reader integration is compatible with iOS and Android devices. To connect via your iOS or Android device, please use the options from the above toggle to view the instructions for your device.

It is possible to integrate your PayPal Here account with your Ovatu account via the Web App, however once you've done this, you will need to open your iOS or Android device and pair it with your PayPal Here card reader by following these steps from PayPal

If you're looking to connect PayPal for online payments, please view this help guide: How do I connect Online Booking with my PayPal account?

This article explains how to integrate your PayPal Here account with your Ovatu Account via the Web App.

Choose Integration > Apps

Locate the PayPal Here tile:

Click Connect 

Enter your PayPal Here account details, then click Log In (or sign up for an account):

Your PayPal Here account is now connected, and will appear as connected on the PayPay Here tile:

Set your currency, by clicking Options 

To disconnect your PayPal Here account, click Disconnect 

Remember, this connection allows your to use your PayPal Here card reader with your iOS or Android devices, but you will still need to pair your devices by following these steps from PayPal.

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