Services: How do I set which Employees can perform which Services?

Setting which Employees can perform which Service can be done from two places:

  1. Service Settings 
  2. Employee Settings


Choose Manage > Services > List, click the Edit icon, click Employees tab

Use the Enabled checkbox against each Employee to select/deselect if this Service can be performed by each employee.

To select/deselect all Employees, use the on/off toggle   

Click Save


Choose Manage > Employees > List, click the Edit icon, click Services tab

Use the Enabled checkbox against each Service to select/deselect if this Employee can perform each Service

To select/deselect all Services, use the on/off toggle 

Click Save

For information on overriding Service settings for a specific Employees, see: How do I override the settings of a specific Employee/Service combination?

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