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Facial Waxing

If it looks like Rapunzel has moved into your nose and your ear fur would put a pit pony to shame, it’s time to take action. Forget tweezing or trimming: facial waxing is faster, lasts longer and hurts remarkably less than plucking each solitary hair out by the light of your bathroom mirror. Honest guv.

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Torso Waxing

Smooth chests, hairless backs and fuzz-free shoulders are order of the day, and we’re your go-to groomers for fast and friendly de-forestation. So put down that razor and step away from the tube of Veet. If you’re serious about losing that winter coat, waxing is your new best friend.

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Arm Waxing

Overgrown pit hair and gorilla-like knuckles are a look best left to the animal kingdom. Go out on a limb: tackle that fuzz and feel human again with a spot of prudent pruning.

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Leg Waxing

Smooth pins aren’t just for the ladies. Particularly popular with sporty types, gym goers and superheroes, hair-free legs can improve performance, increase comfort and enhance muscle definition. Just ask Superman.

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Intimate Waxing

It’s true what they say: trim the bush and the tree looks taller. As luck would have it, here at Axiom Bodyworks we just so happen to specialise in intimate waxing for men (a.k.a. Brazilian waxing or the infamous ‘back, sac and crack’). Why risk your crown jewels in the hands of anyone else?

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Waxing Combos

From your nose to your toes… Save time and money on your hair removal treatments with our great value waxing combos.

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Can’t ‘bare’ the thought of waxing? Our clippering service is is a fast and painless way to trim excess body hair for a tidy, natural looking finish.

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Discover a new generation of treatments and products exclusively for guys. Curated by the male grooming experts at Axiom Bodyworks with one goal in mind: to keep you looking and feeling on top of your game.

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The ideal antidote to a busy modern lifestyle. Whether you want to tackle a sore shoulder, refresh the senses or simply take time out from the rat race - we’ll pick an aromatherapy blend and serve up a cocktail of strokes that are tailored to your mood on the day.

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