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Permanent Make-up

Semi permanent makeup is not for everyone. There are cases when we cannot and should not perform this treatment. This involves people who:
* Are Under 18 years of age.
* Are pregnant or nursing.
* Are with Pacemaker or major heart problems.
* Are with viral infections and/or diseases.
* Have undergone Organ Transplant.
* Have Glaucoma
* Have Herpes simplex
* Have certain skin conditions e.g. rashes, blisters, psoriasis, or eczema
* Are taking steroids such as cortisone, Accutane, Retin-A or Renova
* Have acute acne or infection in the treatment area
* Have Susceptibility to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
* Have Hypertrophic scarring or keloids
* Blood disorder e.g. sickle cell anemia, haemophilia, or a platelet disorder
* Have false eyelashes or contact lenses for eye treatment ( lenses should be removed and not worn for at least 3 days after the treatment)

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Beauty Treatments

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Skin Treatments

If you want to Book a COURSE of 4 Skin Treatments please book online your 4 treatments separately (advisable to pay only 50% while booking) and you will get a discount on the last treatment

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Aesthetic Treatments

If you want to Book a COURSE of Treatments please book your Treatments separately (advisable to pay only 50% deposit) and you get the last treatment with a discount.
To book a free top-up please contact us direcly.
To book injectables please contact us directly.

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