Dear Curls,

So excited to see your curl journey has lead you to Curly Girls Studio.

Please choose the correct service for your length of hair. If you are looking for a curly cut and colour or highlights and can't find a space, simply book your curly cut and leave a note in the booking space provided and we will get back to you if there is time for both services.

Covid protocols are in effect in the best interest and safety for our clients and loved ones. Also advise if you prefer your express cut to be done outside. Weather permitting a station can be prepared to accommodate.

The Cut & Go Rules - Covid Service Protocols

Come in freshly washed and curly styled. No oils on your hair, no headbands, twists or braids. Curls must be in their natural curly state and 100% dry. See video link below.

At this time we are restricting access to the shampoo sink and hair dryers.

Deposit for service is fully refunded with 24 hours notice.

Please read Curly Girls Studio covid policy.‪‬

Service includes covid surcharge, clips, comb. Every station is sanitized after each client. As always a new cape, fresh towels and sanitized scissors are used for each client. We accept Debit, PayPal and cash.


Want multiple services? Just select the first service using these options and then add more before checking availability.

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Covid Services

Until further notoce please only book services in this category.

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ABCs How to Always Be Curly and Love It!

Buy the book! Shipping Canada included!

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Consultation With Adina

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CurlyGirls Inspiration Coaching Sessions

Includes wash style micro towel and product sample.

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Hair Color Services

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Encore 30 Day Free Check-In

Let's check in on your progress. Book your "Encore" within 30 days of your first appointment and we can go over any areas you need to review.

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Retail Pick-Up
Curly Cut Innisfil

Innisfil Location Opening Soon

Price: $150.00 plus tax.

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Innisfil Curly Cut Existing Client

Opening Soon

New Client Innisfil Curly Cut

Opening Soon

Price: $150.00 plus tax.

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