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Hypnotherapy Session

DURING COVID LOCKDOWN PLEASE ONLY BOOK THE ZOOM SERVICE - AS THE OFFICE HAS CLOSED TO FACE TO FACE APPOINTMENTS - Hypnotherapy has proven to be both powerful and effective in dealing with a wide range of issues. Most people know that hypnotherapy can be helpful for stopping smoking and treating phobias. However, you may not be aware that it can help you to pass your driving test or become better at public speaking! There is quite possibly nothing hypnotherapy cannot benefit when it comes to the mind and how we percieve things.

Remember, we are a product of our environment and a reflection of our own thoughts...

Why should you use hypnotherapy?
- It's highly effective and transformative.
- It's faster and more affordable than conventional therapy.
- ​It's versatile and applicable to many different ailments.

​What are some of the ailments hypnotherapy can assist?
- Irritable bowel Syndrome
- OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders)
- Eczema
- Psoriasis
- Acne
- Weight management
- Insomnia
- Migraines
- Pain management
- Smoking cessation
- Anxiety
- Low self-esteem
- Grief healing
- Trauma

Price: £60.00

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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Session WAS £300

DURING COVID LOCKDOWN PLEASE ONLY BOOK THE ZOOM SERVICE - AS THE OFFICE HAS CLOSED TO FACE TO FACE APPOINTMENTS - Every cigarette you smoke is harmful. Smoking IS the biggest cause of preventable deaths in England, accounting for more than 80,000 deaths each year. One in two smokers will die from a smoking-related disease. If you could see the damage, you'd stop.

​A huge part of smoking cessation is letting go of the smoking routine you once had and thinking about cigarettes differently. Hypnotherapy is becoming one of the most popular forms of treatment to help you to quit smoking now!

The first step is to make sure you are choosing to stop for yourself. You may think 'Well, who else would I be doing it for?' but you would be amazed at the amount of clients that are pushed to attend a hypnotherapy session by a loved one! Shoved in the right direction when they are not quite ready yet.

Hypnotherapy can't make you do things you don't want to do. It will only be effective when you really want to change. So, you WILL get the results you're after but again, only if it is really YOU who wants you to quit!

Would you like: More energy? More money? More time? More freedom?

I will show you how to achieve lasting success with no cravings, no weight gain, no withdrawal symptoms, no fear of failure!! It will be an incredible feeling to have improved breathing anf better health!

Price: £150.00

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Weight-loss Hypnotherapy Session

DURING COVID LOCKDOWN PLEASE ONLY BOOK THE ZOOM SERVICE - AS THE OFFICE HAS CLOSED TO FACE TO FACE APPOINTMENTS - Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss and weight management easily by:

- Developing a new self image. See yourself in the future after losing weight and make that your desired future outcome.

- Learn to be more relaxed about weight loss and weight management. Stress is often a serious factor in bad diet and comfort eating.

- Positive thinking about weight and diet. Start looking forward to losing weight and achieving your goals.

- Deleting old ways of thinking, by recognising when the bad habits started and removing old beliefs and therefore stopping the sabotage!

- Create a better view of yourself, start to feel better about yourself.

This will help you to lose weight and, of course, losing weight will help you to feel even better about who you are and what you can achieve. Most people expect to have to lose weight in order to feel good about who they are. Interestingly, when you start to feel good about yourself, weight loss, health and happiness will follow.

So, I bet you probably already know what you should be eating to maintain a good health and a better body weight, and you probably know what exercise you should be taking too? I don’t need to educate you on either of those things. You know... We all know...

What we will do together to ensure your success, is to use hypnotherapy to remove the subconscious programming that has previously got in the way of your fat removal success.

Price: £60.00

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ZOOM Online Hypnotherapy Session

A full hypnotherapy session via ZOOM. Just as great an experience if you cannot make a face to face appointment with me.

Join the meeting at your allocated time and use the following code:

ID: 444 555 0101
Password: relax4u

Please ensure you will not be interrupted (phones, doorbells, barking dogs etc) and enjoy the full experience.

Having experienced hypnotherapy via ZOOM myself many times, I am reassured you will have just as deep and fulfilling an experience as if you were in my office. The feedback I get is brilliant of this type of session. Anywhere in the world...

Price: £60.00

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