Whilst the Coronavirus pandemic is with us, our terms and conditions are subject to Government guidelines and requirements.

All bookings are subject to health and symptom pre appointment checks.
Clients will be asked to where appropriate PPE whilst in the salon. Refusal will mean that your appointment is cancelled. Clients with mask exemption should notify the salon prior to booking so that we can assess the risk factors on an individual basis.

The salon requirements will be issued with your appointment reservation email. Should you not have access to email, you will need to notify us so we can ensure that the information is provided to you.


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Natural Nail Care

Treatments for your natural nails with the beautifully fragnant and luxurious Salt of the Earth Manicures and the technologically advanced Footlogix for your Medi Pedi.

We also offer IBX the nail treatment that gives your nails a hug from the inside. Protecting and supporting weak, flaky, peeling or damaged nails. IBX is great as a stand alone treatment or can benefit you when added to Manicure and is becoming a must have for Gel Polish clients

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Nail Enhancements

At Gorgeous Nail & Beauty Emporium we use Artistic Nail Design enhancement products. These are high grade EMA acrylics and gels. This means flexibility, strength and wear have been built into your enhancement to give you the best possible nail. We also maintain the condition of your natural nail so that if and when you wish to remove your enhancements your nail should remain in the original natural condition with no thinning or weakness.

We offer Artistic Colour Gloss as our Gel Polish se

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Nail Enhancement Removal

Safe removal of any nail coating is vital to maintain the health and quality of your natural nail.

If you need to have a break from your gel polish, acrylics or UV gel please book this treatment and consider booking an IBX to complete your removal and return to natural nails

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Wax Combinations

Book combinations of waxing services and SAVE ££

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General Waxing

Bringing you the efficiency and comfort that is found with Lycon Wax. We only use the best products to give you the best results.
Strip wax for legs, arms and large body areas
Hot wax for underarms, bikini area and facial areas. Our hot wax techniques and products reduce your pain levels by 50% allowing you a more relaxing treatment.

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Facial Waxing

Facial Waxing from Lycon. For all areas of the face to provide you with confidence whilst you face the world.

We offer a variety of facial waxing from the regular brow tidy to full face waxing for female clients suffering from hormonal conditions such as PCOS or hirsuitism. We understand that facial hair can cause embarrasment and will work with you to get the optimum benefit from waxing.

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Intimate Waxing

Intimate waxing covers Bikini to Hollywood and everything in between. We only use Lycon Hot Wax for intimate waxing and are specialist Lycon Certified Therapists. We work with advanced techniques to provide you with a more relaxed treatment with less discomfort.

If you are a first time intimate wax client or moving waxers and have any queries please feel free to call 01322 528882.

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[ comfort zone ] Prescriptive & Anti-Ageing Facials

We offer a wide range of facial treatments. From traditional hands on relaxing facial such as our [ comfort zone ] Expert Care facials where you will find results driven products alongside the ultimate in relaxation to our Sublime Skin facials which include state of the art products and advanced massage techniques to lift and firm your skin.

We also offer Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion to give a deep exfoliation to help with refining pores, reducing fine lines and visible signs of ageing.

Whatever your facial requirements we are able to help with a treatment plan to suit your lifestyle.

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Advanced & Aesthetic Treatments

Specialised treatments to rejuvenate, restore muscle tone and regenerate skin surface. Turn back time and rejuvenate your face and body with lifting and toning treatments without downtime. Full facials and targetting express treatments.

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Skin Blemish Removal with Cryopen

Let the cold help you and your skin. With GPs no longer offering this type of service for warts, skin tags and verrucas we are now able to offer removal at Gorgeous Nail & Beauty Emporium.

Bringing you treatments with Cryopen, a fast and easy method using the power of liquid nitrogen to remove Sun Damage Spots, Liver Spots, Skin Tags, Milia, Cherry Angioma, Sebhorric Warts, Viral Warts, Viral Verruca.

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Lash & Brow Bar

We offer all things eyes, including tinting & waxing, lash extensions, high definition Billion Dollar Brows and the most current semi permanent Microbladed brows.
For Microblading you will need to call 01322 528882 to book as we do not offer online booking for this service.

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Patch Tests

Patch Tests are required for several of our treatments. All clients new or existing need to have a patch test on record.
Patch Test results are valid for 6 months

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Spray Tanning & Holiday Preparation

A variety of tanning options are available at Gorgeous Nail & Beauty Emporium. We use Suntana products with choices of Coconut (Light), Cherry (Medium), Chocolate (Dark), Blackberry (Very Dark) and the the brilliant Rapid Tan (1 hour tan)

Spray Tanning for Under 18's. Parental consent and presence is required. If no parent is present the tan will not be carried out.

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Male Grooming

We offer grooming treatments for men in waxing, skincare & facials. manicure. Our treatments are non gender specific so feel please feel to ask for any advice you may require.

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Body Treatments, Massage & Holistic Therapies

Massage and other therapies such as Reflexology and Aromatherapy

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Inch Loss Treatments

Dermedics Lipo Slim Wraps
Ultrasound Cavitation

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