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Steam Treatment

Steam Treatment

Don’t forget to add Steam Treatment to your service appointment. This is NOT OPTIONAL! It will be added in unless you’re already getting a facial. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Along with all the benefits for skin and muscles, Steam Treatment is like an exercise bike for the immune system-it trains it to be better, stronger, and gives it a workout. The ozone feature has higher penetration levels than steam alone, and it can reach up to the lymph tissue and fat layer to begin toxin elimination there. Ozone also provides extra oxygen to the cells, giving extra vitality. Overall the steam treatment works by: •Stimulating & strengthening the immune system •Reducing inflammation •Increasing blood-flow and antibody production •Germicide •Killing bacteria •Neutralizing Viruses •Sterilizing air •Purifying the lymph fluids and blood •Leading to better mineral absorption by the body •Oxidizing toxins for easier removal by the kidneys, skin, colon and lungs •Loosening the muscles by lessening the build-up of lactic acid

Price: $5.00

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