Microblading SPMU

Microblading Annual Top Up

Annual top up

Price: £100.00

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SPMU colour correction

Colour correction of old work - consultation required prior to booking

Price: from £150.00

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Microblading Consultation & Patch test

Complimentary consultation for brows - to ask questions, fill in a health questionnaire and have a patch test

Botched Ink Colour Lift

Do you have old work that has faded ? Or brow work that you're unhappy with? This service involves saline lifting with Botched Ink

Price: from £80.00

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Microblading/SPMU top up session only

Top Up session on work previously carried out by JoFo Beauty

Price: £80.00

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Microblading 1st Session

includes aftercare kit - **PLEASE NOTE** You must have completed booking fee & had consultation/patch test session before booking this session.

Natural hair strokes

Price: £85.00

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Ombre/Combination brows

Shading with hair strokes to give a powder effect that heals to a soft powdery look that imitates make up. Can be broken into 3 payments - book for microblading session and specify in comments

Price: £195.00

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Microblading/Combo brows Booking Fee

Booking fee for microblading, micropigmentation, combination brows. If you are sure that you wish to go ahead with the treatment, you can use this session as your patch test/consultation session also. Home salon only.

Price: £30.00

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