Nimue Facials

Free 15 minute consultation (deposit off next treatment)

15 Minute FREE consultation for those wishing to start using Nimue Skincare or receive a course of professional peels/micro-needling/light therapy. We only sell Nimue products and advanced treatments via a face to face consultation. Your suggested home care routine and a course of treatments will be recommended to you based on your skin classification, concerns, physical conditions and budget.

Price: £20.00

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Nimue Taster Facial - £22.00

Try the Nimue Phase 1 home care products in this 30-minute taster! includes double cleanse, exfoliating enzyme peel, masque application, light massage and moisturiser to finish. Ideal for a quick pamper or if you're considering investing in Nimue home care to prepare your skin for more advanced treatments.

Price: £22.00

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Nimue Deep Cleanse Facial - £35.00

Ideal for problematic skins. Consists of double cleanse, exfoliating enzyme under steam followed by extractions to cleanse the pores. Choice of either alginate peel off mask or clarifying mask to absorb excess oil. Finish with Moisturiser Lite.

Price: £35.00

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Nimue Therapeutic Facial - £40.00

The ultimate in pampering for any skin type. Double cleanse followed by facial steaming to improve congestion then exfoliating enzyme peel with light facial massage. Once your skin is prepped and clean, TDS (transdermal solution) for your skin type is applied and topped with alginate mask, creating a vacuum on the skin and forcing the TDS into the epidermis for dramatic results. Enjoy a hand and arm massage while your alginate masque sets. Finish with moisturiser and eye treatment.

Price: £40.00

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Nimue Thermal Dettox Peel - £30.00

Flash peel suitable for the majority of skin concerns. Contains activated charcoal to deep cleanse and refine pores, plus Nimue's unique acid blend to rejuvenate, pumpkin enzymes to brighten the skin and foam burst technology to leave it oxygenated and glowing. Unsuitable for active eczema or psoriasis on the face, please book a Nimue Taster or Therapeutic facial in this instance

Price: £30.00

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Nimue Eye Treatment - £25.00

The ultimate in refreshing the eye area. After cleansing, your eye area will receive application of cooling alginate which will trap your choice of serum (hyperpigmented or environmentally damaged) forcing it into the epidermis for fast results.
Great for under eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles. Includes mini take home treatment.

Price: £25.00

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Nimue Active Rejuvenation Skin Peel £55.00

This is a professional strength peel with superb results. After your peel, alginate mask is applied over TDS (Transdermal Solution) active ingredients are forced into the epidermis while this peel-off mask sets for maximum results.
Please note this is only available for certain skin types, please call us on 01443 224204 to discuss prior to booking.

Price: £55.00

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Nimue Glycolic Peel - £60.00

Only available to those who have completed Nimue Phase 1 and 2 at home prior* 35% professional strength Glycolic acid peel. Professional strength peel ideal for sun damaged, aged or acne-scarred skins. Softens the epidermis and plumps the dermis for a radiant skin tone and texture. Course of 6 recommended, or have 1 treatment a few days before a special occasion.

Price: £60.00

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Nimue SRC Peel £65.00

Only available to those who have completed Nimue Phase 1 and 2 at home prior*. Professional strength peel made with a blend of acids tailored to your skin classification. Treatment starts with an enzyme peel to decongest and prime the layers of the skin for SRC. SRC Peel will be applied for 5-10 minutes depending on skin concern and type. Following your peel, TDS transdermal solution will be applied to soothe and pacify the skin, then your choice of mask (peel off or anti-ageing). Enjoy a scalp or hand and arm massage whilst your mask is working. Finish with hydrating treatment and SPF.

Price: £65.00

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Nimue Active Rejuvenation Hand & Arm Treatment - £30.00

Now our famous skin peel is available to rejuvenate the most tell-tale area; the back of the hand. Combined with a relaxing hand and arm massage, this treatment provides the best combination of results and pampering. Treats hyper pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles resulting in a soft, smooth, glowing skin.

Price: £30.00

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