Electrolysis face& body

Consultation and patch test electrolysis

All new customers are invited for 30min consultation and possible patch test on small area. Price also include sample of after care cream 35ml tube.

Price: £30.00

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Pre or post electrolysis treatment anaphoresis or cataphoresis

Anaphoresis is applied for a few minutes before epilation, causing follicular dilation which makes insertions easier on some skin types (not recommended on dry or sensitive skins). Cataphoresis is applied for a few minutes after epilation, helping the skin to return to a normal pH and the redness to rapidly fade away.

Price: £10.00

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Elecrolysis 15min session

Short session, perfect for small and sensitive skin such an upper lip or between brows.

Price: £26.40

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Elecrolysis 30min session

During 30minutes session we can treat both eyebrows, chin and neck hair, breast area, belly button or combine few areas.

Price: £44.40

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Electrolysis 45min session

Please book for up to 45 min treatment

Price: £54.00

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Electrolysis 1 hour session

Longer session during which we can treat larger areas such a legs or back or combine for example chin, belly button and bikini line.

Price: £74.40

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Electrolysis 2 hours

Please only book when you had an initial consultation with Anja

Price: £148.80

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