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We now offer Massages at Spooners Hill, try our Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage $85

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Sugaring Hair Removal


We are please to announce we now offer Sugaring Hair Removal. 

Advantages of Sugaring
Sugaring gently extracts hair from the root in the natural direction of your hair growth.
100% Natural method of Hair Removal
Repeated treatments can lead to permanent reduction if regrowth 
Water soluble 
Skin is left feeling soft and gently exfoliated
Sugar paste is only capable of adhering to dead skin cells not live cells 
Safe for clients who have varicose veins 
Sugar is warmed to body temperature so there is no risk of burning 
Sugaring can diminish ingrown hairs and improve the appearance of skin 
Most clients find sugaring to be less painful than other methods.

Waxing vs Sugaring 
Waxing removes hair but can also remove the top dead layers of skin as a mild exfoliant. ... In contrast, sugaring paste does not stick to the skin at all. It only grabs hair and removes it when pulled away without any of the exfoliation of waxing. So sugaring is a less painful hair removal m

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Special Occasion Combos

Time to get pampered on a budget

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Beginners classes are only taught on TUESDAYS. Bookings submitted on any other day will be resheduled.
Time slots for beginners are 2 hours, the 30min slot allows you to book the time frame however we will manually adjust the time when the deposit is paid.

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Our Pedicure Selection

For the love of everything feet❤
Add $20 for overlays

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Sip and Socialize

Our Mentorship and Consultancy Program

Price: $165.00

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