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Colour and Highlights (染色)

Include shampoo and dry off, if you need styling, you can book for extra Blow Dry service together.
(包含洗吹干, 如需特别造型,请预约额外造型服务)

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Special Technical Service (烫卷,顺直类)

Perm, Cezzanne, straightening, not include hair cut.
(烫, 离子护,拉直 不包含剪)

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Hair Cut and Styling (剪发,洗吹造型,咨询。。。)

All hair cut include shampoo & blowdry.

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Hair Mask Treatment (保养护理类)

Include shampoo and dry off(except pro-boost scalp). If you need styling, please book extra service of Blow dry together.
包含洗吹干(头皮保养除外), 如需特别造型,请预约额外造型服务.

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