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Empowerment Workshop for Women

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A variety of services under Kinesiology are available.
Kinesiology uses light pressure on the arms or legs to test for blockages causing stress to the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the body. A variety of corrections are then used to bring balance back into the body.
Kinesiology is an energy balancing modality that can help with many symptoms and ailments.

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Relaxation Massage

A classic Swedish style massage that is designed to help promote well-being and relaxation of the nervous system. It uses a combination of strokes that aid in increasing blood supply and lymph flow, improving circulation and muscle tone, removing toxins and aiding expectoration.

Health Fund rebates not available on Relaxation massage.

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Remedial Massage

A therapeutic massage that aids in repairing and restoring soft tissue damage, caused from acute injury. Treatments create optimal healing conditions for restoring functional integrity at a cellular level. Focus is usually on the particular are needing repair. A treatment plan will be advised after initial assessment and massage and is always in line with clients needs.
Hicaps available on most Health funds. Please message for more details.

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