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These treatments can be repeated every 4-6 weeks. Hair growth will become finer and slower. The slowing down of the hair growth can be encouraged by using the MARY Cohr Depil Stop products (under arm deodorant, ampules or body cream), every day after a treatment for 10 days and repeat the process each time.

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Hands & Feet

Unfortunately if you have any nail infections, verrucas, nail infections or fungal infections , you will be contraindicated to these treatments. It is important you consult your doctor before booking an appointment. Thank you

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Eye Treatments

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MARY Cohr Facials

I use Mary Cohr products, from a French skincare company which has been researching and developing skincare for 80 years. All facials are designed to treat and improve your skincare concerns. Every product used has been through stringent testing before being produced for use. So these are products that you can trust. You can also purchase products that suit your skin type to ensure a good skincare regimen at home. This will reinforce your salon treatments, for excellent results.

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CACI Facials

Caci facials are world renowned treatments with anti-aging effects. The electrical stimulation encourages the natural production of the collagen and elastin fibres. The treatment reminds the muscles how to work. The lifting action of the electrodes stimulates muscle memory. The face feels lifted and firmer. These facials can be repeated as a course of 10 or 6 with 2/3 a week 36 hrs apart then once a month maintenance for the best results. But you can have a one off treatment before a special occasion to rejuvenate your skin .
Course 6 £200
Course 10 £360
Homecare products can be purchased to help reinforce this treatment at home.

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Body treatments

These are a selection of body treatments to aid in relaxation and improve your skin tone and condition. They can be repeated once/ twice a week or monthly according to your own personal requirements. Contraindications will need to be checked before booking a treatment though. Contact me on 07971042952. Thanks

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