Due to the current COVID19 outbreak, The Brown Cow Tanning Co. is temporarily closed until further notice.

We shall reopen as soon as per government guidelines.

Gifts cards are still available for purchase and can be used towards your next spray tanning appointment. Just hit the 'Gift Card Button.

In the meantime, please stay safe, stay at home and protect our NHS. xx


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Customised Spray Tanning

What to expect at your appointment.

Following the Scottish Government's COVID-19 policy and procedures.

Andrea will chat with you to find out more about the reasons for your spray tan. Is it for a special event or do you just want some colour? What colour is your outfit? Are you on any medication? Do you have any skin conditions? She'll also assess your features i.e. hair and eye colour, skin tone and undertone along with your desired depth of tan.

Whilst you get undressed, she'll be mixing different colour bases to create your unique solution. Andrea creates at warm and welcoming atmosphere. You'll instantly forget about your vulnerabilities and nakedness!

Two coats will be applied and the entire spray tanning experience takes around 20 minutes including un/dressing and drying. Some Clients may also require powdering. You will be touch dry and ready to get dressed. There's the teeniest tiniest hint of guide colour, therefore you may go about your business as normal. No funny looks at the supermarket or school gates!

Andrea will then explain the do's and don'ts of after care guidelines which will also be followed by SMS instructions.

Price: £25.00

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