Products: How do I add a Product to a Sale?

To add a Product to a Sale, either Create a new Sale or Edit a Sale

Products can also be added to Sales in the Checkout screen, see How do I checkout a Reservation?

Products in this Sale, are listed in the 'Products' section

To add a new product, click Add Product  

Adjust the quantity of each Product that you would like to add to the Sale and click Add Products

You can use the Delete button to delete a Product from the Sale  

You can use the Edit button to make changes to the price of a Product within this Sale  

Complete the following fields:

PriceHere you can change the price of this Product within this Sale
DiscountAdd a Discount just to this Product within this Sale, either as
as set figure 

or a percentage of the Product price 
Discount Tax TypeSelect if the Discount is before tax or after tax
Loyalty EnabledSelect this checkbox if Loyalty Points are enabled for this Product
For more information about loyalty points, see Loyalty Program
QuantityAdjust the quantity of this Product within this Sale
EmployeeNominate which Employee this Product is attributed to for Reporting purposes
For more information about Reports, see Reports
TaxTaxes will appear here if they have been created
See How do I add a new Tax?
Select the checkbox against the tax you wish to include

Click Save

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