Products: How do I adjust/view the inventory settings for a Product?

It's possible to adjust the inventory level for a product via the Android App. Inventory settings can be adjusted via the Web App

To manually adjust the Inventory level for a Product tap Manage, then tap Products

Tap on the relevant Product in your Product List, then tap the INVENTORY CONTROL tab

A list of all Product transactions will show

Tap Add / Remove Inventory in the Actions section and select from the following:

1.Tap Add Inventory to manually add this Product back to stock (e.g. in the case of a returned item)

Select a reason from the Reason drop-down menu

Add the number of items to the Amount field


2. Tap Remove Inventory to manually remove this Product from stock (e.g. in the case of a sold item). 

Select a reason from the Reason: drop-down menu

Add the number of items to the Amount field


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