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Ovatu’s quirky team of unique personalities are what makes this business something to be truly proud of!


Ula Hole


Dave Hole

Our Story

Ovatu's founder Dave, began building Ovatu in 2010, as a side hobby (Dave has interesting hobbies 🤓) in a tiny flat in Manly. Turns out, one day he accidentally turned the ‘subscription’ function on without even realising.

Imagine the surprise when right away a handful of businesses signed up and more importantly, provided invaluable suggestions for improvement. This became the backbone for how Ovatu is developed.

Since then, it’s been an exciting and humbling journey watching businesses use Ovatu to work less, achieve more and win more time back for themselves!

Today, Dave and his wife Ula run Ovatu from a beautiful country town on the South Coast of NSW whilst raising 4 busy little boys on their farm. Achieving a work life balance is so important to their family and is something they are dedicated to facilitating for thousands of customers as well as for Ovatu’s global team.

Focus on what you're great at

Let Ovatu focus on making your life easier.

We have a simple but bold vision

Helping Small Business

We strive to provide a platform that empowers small businesses to increase their revenue through a fully streamlined scheduling service.

Features Designed By You

Almost every update and feature we create is based on our customers feedback. Meaning that we are developing features that assist your business.

Intelligent Software

Ovatu reduces your workload by automating your administrative tasks. Giving you more time to focus on the things you love!

1 million+

monthly appointments

20 minutes

admin saved per appt

7 million people

worldwide book with Ovatu

Thousands of businesses are using Ovatu to Schedule Smarter.

We help businesses find new ways and opportunities to scale and grow their business. We’re pretty proud of just how much we’ve helped our customers.

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Ovatu is smart scheduling software that helps businesses simplify, automate and scale their entire booking process.

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