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Meet Maddi. Ovatu legend and ultimate referrer


by Nancy

Sunday, 23 Jan 2022

Meet Maddi, the successful and scheduling-savvy mentor who is making Ovatu work for her.


Maddi Cook was previously the owner of Ritual Salon, a super-successful hair salon specialising in hair extension and creative nails. Her hugely popular Instagram account is full of vibrant shots of some pretty incredible work. 


On the flip side, Maddi has turned a passion for mentorship and business leadership into a successful business, Boss Your Salon which helps everyday salons grow their business.


An Ovatu legend


Maddi is a legend and a bit of an inspiration here at Ovatu. 


As an advocate of Ovatu, she has become one of our most successful Refer a Friend referees, successfully referring on average 15 new businesses a month to Ovatu as part of her business mentorship program. 


Earning herself some serious Amazon currency in the process!


“I’ve been a user of Ovatu for about 6 years now. I use it in my salon with my clients. I just find it really easy to use. It saves time, protects us, saves us money, and at the end of the day ultimately makes us money” 


When asked about her impressive referral record she mentioned:


“I just started sharing my referral link with friends and people within my mentor program who I thought could use it. And they just all started signing up!”


We’ve kept it simple. The Ovatu referral link is a custom link that’s personalised to your account. When you share it with someone, it automatically tracks their referral and nurtures them through the sign-up process. If they successfully subscribe, you’ll be rewarded with an Amazon Gift Card. Easy as!


On a Mission to empower Health & Beauty business owners


Maddi knows that running a successful business requires more than just talent, and feels that the hair and beauty industry is lacking when it comes to helping talented people think like business owners.


She wants to empower business owners to have the tools, understanding and forward-thinking to create successful and thriving businesses.


“Salon owners just copy other people and hope for the best. So this was really why I wanted to start a mentorship program… to teach the Hair & Beauty industry how to stop winging it.


A big part of running a business is online booking, so I always refer people who need help to you.”


Maddi’s long-term goal is to support as many young businesses as possible, whilst also maintaining her own busy salon and loyal client base. Ovatu is super-stoked to be central to both parts of that journey.


Check out Maddi’s website for more information on her programmes. Want to learn how to use Ovatu's Refer a Friend program? Check out our Help Guide HERE.

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