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Ovatu helps you streamline your booking process, so you can provide a better experience for yourself and your customers.

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Just a few reasons why Spa & Massage businesses choose Ovatu.


Forms that save more than time

Collecting customer information is crucial to providing a professional service. Electronic consultation forms can even be completed before your customer comes through your door.

Build Forms With Ease

Easily build any type of form with Ovatu's simple form building tool.

Email Forms To Your Customers

Allow your customers to complete forms online before their appointment, to save time.

Bye-Bye Paper!

Store your forms electronically and access them on any device at any time.

Compliance Ready

Insurance compliance is simple with lockable, secure consultation forms.

Organise all of your resources

Whether it be a room, massage table or piece of equipment... we'll make sure you never double book it again!

Schedule Rooms

Automatically ensure a room is available whenever a massage is booked.

Equipment Where You Need It

Chair, table, heater, machine? Make sure there's one available when you need it.

Double Booking? Never Heard Of It

That embarrassing moment when you realise you've double booked a room will be a thing of the past!


No matter how complex your set-up, we've got you covered!


Online Booking & Deposits

No time to answer the phone while you're providing the worlds best massage or spa treatment??? Take a hands off approach approach and let your customers do the work.

Your Own Branded Mini-Site

Your very own online booking site to show off your unique brand and style, with your very own domain!

Spa & Massage Booking Bot?

Bring your business into the future with your own little booking bot working hard to get you appointments.

Get customers to your door

Who doesn't HATE no-shows? Collect secure bookings online by collecting online payments, deposits and credit card capture!

Save Tons of Time

No more phone-calls at the end of a hard day… you can take bookings while you're on the beach, in the bath or enjoying a cuppa!


Customer Retention

Use new and exciting ways to get customers coming back again and again (and bringing their friends). Features that make it simple for you to create some juicy incentives:

Customised gift cards

Beautiful, customisable gift cards for your clients to gift to their friends. Who doesn't love a cheeky Spa & Massage gift!

Discount vouchers

Customisable promo codes eg VIP20 - 20% off all treatments for new customers!

More Value With Passes

Give your customers a reason to spend big with a value package that's hotter than hot stones! Less time, more bookings.

Empty Slot? #Filled

A little promotion is sometimes all it takes to fill a few empty appointment slots!


More ways to pay

More options to pay = More trust in your business. Ovatu offers integrated transaction processing options that will suit any business type.

Simple Payment Integrations

Easily process card transactions with seamless integrations for Square, iZettle, Sum Up and PayPal.

mPOP tills that 'POP'

Turn your from desk into a work of art, with Ovatu's mPOP till drawer integration for iOS and Android.

More than just a sale

Create invoices for treatments and products in a few simple clicks.

Got products?

stocktake and inventory tools.

It's all taken care of

"We don't get taught to do back of house and admin as a Yoga teacher. Ovatu has taught me the systems of running a business."" - Anna Smallwood

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Ovatu is smart scheduling software that helps businesses simplify, automate and scale their entire booking process.

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