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Want to save 12 hours a week? Here’s how…

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by Richard Monday, 03 May 2021

We did some calculations at Ovatu. And we found the results pretty staggering. 

We wanted to understand exactly how much time can be saved by becoming more efficient and more automated as a business.


We wanted to actually quantify this as a figure. 

Now, we’re not mathematicians but it was just some simple sums based on a business with 4 staff and how they can save 12 hours a week...immediately. *See our sums below* 

We calculated how much time every week was saved just by automating a few simple tasks. 

So, what were the tasks and how were they replaced?

  • Online Booking replaced manual phone calls/texts
  • Electronic consultation forms replaced manual documenting
  • Employee rostering was integrated with the booking system
  • SMS & Email reminders were sent out automatically
  • Reporting, inventory and product purchasing were automatically generated


How we figured this out: 

The Average business with 4 staff will see 80 total customers a week.


80 x 3 minute bookings phone calls
= 4 hours of savings per week

80 x 3 minutes to facilitate and organise consultation forms
= 4 hours of savings per week

80 x 1.5 minute SMS and Email Reminders
= 2 hours of savings per week

1 hour per week to manage all reservations & resources with staff roster
= 1 hour of savings per week

1 hour per week to manage all reports, inventory and product purchasing
= 1 hour of savings per week

TOTAL = 12 hours saved


This is literally just the start. 

There are loads of other tasks that were not accounted for and we’ve already saved 12 hours a week! 

Think of the cost savings already generated and this doesn’t even mention the amount of lost revenue in no-shows you saved by automating your reminders. 

You did less work…and generated more revenue! 

We get excited about stuff like this because we’re always looking for more ways that you can save time and money.  

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