Say goodbye to no-shows

for good

With an automated system working for you, you can reduce no-shows, increase positive customer reviews and keep your customers coming back over and over again.


Automated SMS & Email Reminders

No shows are so frustrating! They are lost time, lost revenue! An automated reminder system is a really simple, hands off solution which you can implement in minutes. How much are your no shows costing you?


Rebooking Reminders

Keep your customers coming back with automated rebooking reminders! With customisable settings, you can give your customers a gentle nudge that it's time to book another appointment with you 😉


Review System

Harness the power of customer reviews! Ovatu's automated review system will encourage your customers to review their appointment with you, and display these proudly on your website for the whole world to see!


SMS & Email Marketing

Whether you're announcing a new product or offering an exclusive promotion to specific customers, Ovatu's powerful marketing tools can suit your unique needs. Send an email or SMS blast to your entire database, or a targeted campaign to a tailored audience, and gather important performance metrics on your campaigns.


Customer Data

All your customer data in one convenient place! Open up a customer file on any device to instantly access all reservations, sales, consultation forms, photos notes, balances, history... Everything you need to know, right in front of you, the moment your customer walks through your door!

Coming in 2022


All your favorite features, just faster, more powerful, and more intuitive.
The same booking system you know and love, only a whole lot better!

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