Account Settings: How can I require Customer consent for data privacy and marketing?

To enable Customer consent checkboxes for data privacy and marketing, choose Account > Privacy

These Customer consent checkboxes have been implemented in order to allow you the flexibility to comply with privacy regulations in your region.


Once enabled, these checkboxes will appear when a Customer creates an account via your mini-site, website widget or if an account is created for a Customer internally.


The Privacy Consent when enabled is Mandatory. This means that it will not be possible to create an account for a Customer, if this checkbox is not selected.

The Marketing Consent is optional. This means that if a Customer has this checkbox de-selected, an account can still be created, but this Customer will be unsubscribed from all marketing emails and SMS (mass email & SMS not transactional emails such as confirmations and reminders).

Consent EnabledSelect this checkbox to enable the consent feature
Consent TitleEnter the title of the consent eg 'Data collection consent'
Consent ContentEnter the content 'We collect your data in accordance with privacy legislation'
Consent Accept LabelEnter the accept checkbox label eg 'I accept'

Once the Privacy and Marketing are enabled, they will display as follows on your mini-site and website widget:

If a Customer does not accept the Privacy checkbox, they will not be permitted to create an account (and booking) with you, and will see the following error message:

If they do not accept the Marketing checkbox, they will be unsubscribed from any email and SMS marketing (mass email & SMS not transactional emails such as confirmations and reminders).

The checkboxes will display as follows when creating a Customer account internally:

If the Privacy checkbox is not selected, it will not be possible to create the Customer account, and the following error message will display:

If the Marketing checkbox is not selected, the Customer will be unsubscribed from any email and SMS marketing (mass email & SMS not transactional emails such as confirmations and reminders).

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