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How do I add a Custom Field to Services?

To add a Custom Field to Services, tap Manage, then tap Custom Fields

Tap Edit 

In the SERVICE FIELDS section, then tap + Add Custom Field

Complete the following fields:

NameEnter the label for the Custom Field
CodeEnter an internal code, which will appear in two places: 
- on a CSV file when this data is exported 
- in an email template 
Please enter a code with no spaces and one which is unique amongst the Custom Fields in your accounts
Default  Enter a value that you would like this Field to be pre-filled with or leave this section blank
History Select this checkbox to record all changed made to the value entered in this Field
Visible Select this checkbox for this Field to be visible to the Customer (Not applicable to all Model Types)
Editable Select this checkbox for this Field to be editable by the Customer (Not applicable to all Model Types)
Model TypeThis is the object that the Custom Field relates to. 
It will be pre-selected to Service, but can be changed
Data TypeSelect the data type for the field from the following options:
- Text
- Long Text
- Multiple
- Yes/No
- Number
- Date
ValuesIf you have selected 'Multiple' in the Data Type, enter the value selections in the Values Field.  These values need to be entered in a list, one beneath the other

Tap Save

This Custom Field will appear when creating a new Service or editing a Service