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How do I add a Photo to a Customer file?

To add a Photo to a Customer file, locate your Customer from the Customer list 

Scroll down to the PHOTOS section

Tap No photos yet...

Tap the  '+'  icon

Tapping Take Photo will access the camera in your device

Tapping Select Photo will access the photo library stored on your device

You can add a caption to your photo

Tap Done

(Sliding the Show in Gallery button right will in future display the image in your Gallery, however, this feature is not yet enabled)

Adding Multiple Images from the Photo library on your iOS device:

Adding multiple images in one go can currently only be done via the Web app version of Ovatu

You can access the web app through your iOS device by tapping Manage > Open Web app 

Tap Customers > Customer Name > + Add Photos 

Tap Browse > Photo Library to access the photo library on your device

Tap on each image you would like to add to this Customer's profile and a blue tick will appear in the selected image(s)

Tap Done

Add captions where necessary and tap Update Captions: