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How do I add Notes to a Customer file?

To add Notes to a Customer file, choose Customers > List

Click on the Customers’ name 

This is the Customer file, Notes can be added in the Notes section

The text box can be used to jot down quick, for general notes about your Customer

Click Save

The All notes/formulas button allows you to include additional time-stamped notes, for example when noting the hair colour formula used on a specific date

To add additional Notes click All notes/formulas

Click Add Note

Select either Note or Formula from the Type field

Enter the Content

Click Save

Please note, you can pre-populate the Formula field with a template. This is done via Account > Settings, see How do I customise my account settings?

Notes can be edited using the Edit   icon, and deleted using the Delete  icon

Additional notes will also be displayed in the Notes section of the Customer file

This section also displays all Reservation Notes for this customer.