Customers: How do I view/edit my Customers' Gift Cards?

Customers Gift Cards can be viewed/edited from two places:

  1. Gift Cards Section
  2. Customer File


To view/edit existing Gift Cards, tap Manage from the bottom menu, then tap Gift Cards

A list of all of the Gift Cards which exist in your account will be displayed, tap on a Gift Card to view or edit it


To view/edit a specific Customers' Gift Cards, locate the Customer in the Customer List

Tap on the Customers' name

To VIEW only, scroll down to BALANCES and tap Gift Cards. A list of all Gift Cards assigned to this Customer will be displayed

To view or edit a Gift Card, tap on it and edit any necessary details in the Edit Gift Card pop-up


Once you have tapped on a Gift Card, you can view or edit the following fields:

NumberThe system will allocate a unique number to this Gift Card
CustomerThe recipient of the Gift Card
CustomEnter your own number for the Gift Card to override the system generated number. Use this option if you have hard-copy Gift Cards and wish to match the number up
BalanceView or edit the Gift Card Balance
Expiry DateView or Edit the Gift Card expiry date
TransactionsView all transactions relating to this Gift Card
View SaleView the Sale in which this Gift Card was sold
Send EmailEmail the Gift Card to the Recipient, Buyer, or other contact
PrintPrint this Gift Card

Tap Save when finished

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