Forms: How do I add a Form to a Customer file?

To add a Form to a Customer File, tap the Customers icon and locate the Customer in your Customer List

Tap on the Customers' name, then scroll down to the FORMS section

A list of previously added Forms will appear in the FORMS section, tap on an existing form

If the Customer has never completed a form, tap No forms yet...

Tap the '+' icon, then tap Add Form

Tap on From to select the From you wish to add

Please note: You need to have created your Forms first, see How do I create a new Form?

Select the Prefill if this Customer has previously completed this Form, and you would like the new Form to be prefilled with the previous responses

Slide the Customer Mode enable button to the right if you wish allow the Customer to complete their Form on your device. Tap Add


In this mode, the Form fills the screen, if the Customer tries to navigate away From the form, they will be asked for a PIN to continue their access

Please Note : this will only happen if the PIN function has been activated in the account (see: How do I set/reset an Employee’s PIN?)

Hand the device to your Customer, tap Save when complete


Complete the form on behalf of your Customer, then tap Save

Please Note: All required fields must be complete - if you or the Customer taps Save without completing all the required fields, an error message will appear:

The completed Form will appear in the FORMS section of the Customers' file and will view like this:

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