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How do I create a new Form?

To create a new Form, choose Manage > Forms

To add a new Form, click +Add Form 

Complete the following fields:

TitleEnter a title for the Form
Prefill With Previous Form DefaultIf you select this checkbox, then when a Customer goes to fill in the form, if they have previously already completed this form, the new form will be prefilled with their previous responses
InformationEnter any information for your own internal reference
InstructionsEnter Form instruction. These will appear at the top of the Form and also in the Form request email
PermissionSelect from:
Open - Once the Form is submitted, it can be opened and edited
Secure - Once the form is submitted, it can no longer be edited, only viewed 
(In or order to comply with certain privacy legislation, there is now the option to unlock a locked form)
Allow Customer Send CopyIf you select this checkbox, then when a Customer completes their own form via the mini site, they have the option to email themselves a copy

You may choose to enable the Consent section. This means that your customer will be required to select a consent checkbox in order to submit the form. The form with then appear in their customer file with a Consent Accepted label. 

Consent EnabledSelect this checkbox to enable the consent feature
Consent TitleEnter the title of the consent eg 'Data collection consent'
Consent ContentEnter the content 'We collect your data in accordance with privacy legislation'
Consent Accept LabelEnter the accept checkbox label eg 'I accept'

Click Save

You will now see an option to +Add Items (questions, text etc) to your Form

To add an item to your form, click +Add Item 

You are able to add the following items to your form:

Add each item, one at a time, clicking Save after each

The Form Items will appear in the Items section of your Form

Form Items can be:

  • Edited by clicking the Edit icon 
  • Deleted from the Form by using the Delete icon 
  • Re-ordered by holding down the Re-order icon and dragging the item up or down the list 

To preview your form, click the Preview button at the bottom of the screen